Geography and history

The region of Lejweleputswa in South Africa is famous for its unprocessed gold-bearing rock. The names means “greystone” because lava was struck in 1938 on a farm named St. Helena. All the farms in the region found themselves suddenly a part of a gold rush. This region now has one of the country’s most advanced infrastructures.

The principal town of Welkom is the in the centre of this gold-producing infrastructure. Mine tours are available in Welkom, Virginia and Theunissen. Evidence of the Voortrekkers and the Anglo-Boer War can also be found in this region.

Game viewing is another tourist attraction in the region and visitors are encouraged to stay over at either the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve or the Sandveld Nature Reserve.


This region offers tourists the chance to experience its rich history, bustling business industry and magnificent wildlife by staying over in one of its many accommodation options. From bed and breakfasts and hotels to self-catering units and camping sites, this region has no shortage of accommodation available. Please go to our accommodation directory for more information.


The business community of the region is thriving thanks to the gold-producing industry. There are loads of shops, products, stalls and restaurants to choose from. For more information on all the businesses in the region, please see our business directory. There are also many fun activities and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Visit our activities directory for a full list.

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